New release of main Bussard paper in IAC 2006

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New release of main Bussard paper in IAC 2006

Postby jlumartinez » Thu Aug 16, 2007 10:23 pm

I have posted a new version with an enhanced layout of the paper in the Google-Group dedicated to Polywell.
Let´s have a look and compare it with the original version, this new one is much more VISUAL.
We should start to use this new revision to get a better impression of EMC2 and Bussard´s discoveries
in order to attract new investors. It will be available also in the new website. ... xBNdiIHVjO

Also there are new links to PDF files of the three main papers about Polywell :

- Bussard, Some physical considerations of magnetic inertial electrostatic confinement ... Fusion Technology 1991;
- Krall, Polywell: an spherically convergent ion focus ... Fusion Technology 1992 ;
- Krall&Bussard, Forming and maintaining a potential well ... Physic of Plasmas 1995.

It will be useful for those ones interested in the physical insights: ... xR0RMC0URg ... wtVA_jM0jE ... JJjHLLKkeg

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