Current Patents for Polywell

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Current Patents for Polywell

Post by PolyGirl »

This patent refers to the Polywell WB6 and is listed on the WIPO site, priority date is 27/09/2006 and the publication date is 03/04/2008 and publication No. WO/2008/039505

Further searches of 'patent' sites would be suggested as a result of the following ( I have not found other references as of posting these links as I have just come across it)
  2. Description of the Patent
  3. Description of Claims
  4. Bibliography Data
  5. Current status of the the patent
The claim
Statement of Governmental Interest

[0002] The United States government has a royalty free license to the invention claimed herein for governmental purposes under the terms of the Department of Navy contract N68936-03-C-0031.
Would mean the US government gets use of it for free while others using it would have to pay (this has been suggested and mentioned before in various posts). The current status of the patent also needs to be clarified in some way.

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Post by chrismb »

Last time I checked the USPTO examiner's replies, it had been given a non-final rejection, awaiting a divisional allocation within the patent claim.

I still find it difficult to see what is new in the new patent that wasn't particularly claimed 20 years ago - viz. the USN condition of licence-free use seems rather moot, unless, of course, EMC come up with some new IPR that they patent with respect to new findings.

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Post by jlumartinez »

It´s curious that EMC2 filled this patent ( 27/09/2007 ) just ten days before R.W.Bussard death (06/10/2007). For sure this is the definitive patent...

According to this file:

a patent was also filled in Sept-2006 on optimal engineering design but it isn´t yet released. Any news? Did they updated this patent with the one refered in this thread?

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Post by chrismb »

A quick check shows that the non-final rejection was made on 29th April 2009 with a 3 month deadline. I guess that means someone will have to make an out-of-time request for consideration immediately, else the patent application will be terminated.

Again to say, I'm not sure what this new filing adds to the previous one. Maybe EMC2 sees it that way aswell, else why [as assignees] have they let it go?

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