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Re: BLP news

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Carl White wrote:
Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:15 am
BLP has announced an "invitational public demonstration" to occur some time between January 25th and February 5th of 2021, and a video stream of the event for others interested, on its website,

Can only hope it will be better than a Rossi-quality demonstration.
Slightly better, maybe...
Powerpoints, pre- recorded videos. Forward looking statements... ... ington-dc/

So many issues with this:
1. The actual "demonstration" of the "reactor" was pre- recorded. I can pre- record a lot of things that will look great on video...

2. 100,000 Watts for how long with how much of that "hydrino" substance? We only saw 5 minutes of the thing operating in the presentation... Also I am feeling that this looked too benign for 100,000 Watts. A normal water heater for a tank this size has about 10kW. So this would be 10 times as powerful and it does not look like that. In fact this is the thing that bothers me the most. I have never seen any reference to energy density for those so called hydrinos. Like how many kWh of energy does such a hydrino store?
Also, they are now talking monoatomic hydrogen (Mills mentions it at some point). Monoatomic hydrogen combines into hydrogen in an exotermic reaction (3.5 times the energy density of H2). Mind you, it tends to do that spontaneously if the pressure is too high. This alone makes my alarm bells go off.

3. Also when we get to see this, the water is already hot. If I put boiling water on my stove I can keep it bubbling for a long time, even with a comparably moderate power input.

4. Mark Nansteel has been associated with BLP for a very long time. He has 47 publications on record and most of them seem to be together with Randall Mills?

5. They are (once again) "really close to commercialization". I might be wrong (and I would love to be), but I feel like we will see the same thing again next year and the year after that and the year after that.

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