Patent App. 11/527906; Filed 2006, published yesterday...

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Betruger wrote:The above isn't what documents Chris refers to.
What a pity!
Well, while Chris's state of mind will allow him to place another document you can enjoy with it.
Or have you read this?

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Chris, I can "hear" how frustrating this is for you. Please continue the topic you started with this thread, as there are indeed a number of folks here who really do want to have a proper discussion with you.

My suggestion, think of it as a robot, posting based on what is already in the thread. At least, thats what the last few posts look like to me (and I've seen a few bot posters on other fora, so I know it is technically possible). Our discussion of the listed topic will eventually come to a bridge and, if we are lucky, our guest will find it a decent home.

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Should we inform the EPS 2011 Programme Committee that one of their poster sessions was conducted by a bot? :shock:

Anyway, back on topic, I took another look at the first post in this thread and realized Chris distinctly said he was going to download the documents. He's not the only one around these parts who has an Internet connection, and as far as I know he's an ordinary UK citizen, albeit one who has had experience filing US patents and likely knows his way around the USPTO website better than anyone else here.

So anyway, although I'd rather this matter be discussed without inane commentary from the peanut gallery, I don't see any particular reason to depend on Chris for access to the documents, although I'll grant that he has undoubtedly read and understood much more than I have.
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this it?

should be able to find it under pending 11527906

Goto "Image File Wrapper Tab"
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ckrucks, that's weird but your post doesn't appear at all.

When I hit "quote" I can see it, and now that I have replied it appears just fine.

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Plea for Nebel's Words

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The ability to skim, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio, is very useful when reading any internet discussion.

Please link to more written material from Nebel than we have ever seen before. I know Joseph irritates you beyond words. Please try to ignore him. In his defense, I find he does have interesting things to say on the subject of sheilding materials. In your defense, I find he does say many things which I end up skimming over.


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