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Re: em drive

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GIThruster wrote:Actually, the funding of Sonny and Paul's early Shawyer resonator work was not "pulled" per se. It ran its course and ended. They had appealed to Gary Hudson for funding and their project ran its course. During the attempt what they realized was they were unable to pull the kind of vacuum necessary, because the copper was vaporizing and allowing corona discharges, and this mitigated against the proper function of the cavity. They could have built a second cavity out of something like stainless steel, but Gary had already spent a great deal and is not an especially wealthy guy. He wasn't able to afford continuing support of the project. Of course though, DARPA and NASA are able to afford such continuing support and this is what Eagleworks is all about. Sonny had originally wanted to pursue the Shawyer and QThruster (MLT) designs but NASA decided they wanted answers about Sonny's QVF model and the warp interferometry experiment, so they directed Eagleworks to pursue that first. This is why Eagle has in some senses, taken as long as they have to get around to focusing on the thrusters, which they've been doing now for a couple years.

Word is, NASA Glenn and NASA JPL may both be looking into this in the future so we may see some answers in the next couple years. For now, I don't think either center even has a balance in service so it will be some time after they decide to move in this direction. Glenn may already be doing so. I don't really know. What I do know, is that none of these centers are pursuing M-E work, because Sonny considers it in competition with his model and is not looking to test Jim's theory. NASA and DARPA are not currently paying for this but of course, these things can change. :-)
Is it me or does Shawyer's emdrive schematic with the dielectric inside (COMSOL model in AIAA paper) resemble a Mach Lorrentz Thruster (MLT/QThruster)?

One of the things that gives me anxiety about EagleWorks is the fact that they seem to be using their QThruster theory to guide there experiments. What gives me hope is that they at least evaluated the Cannae drives based on Cannae's theory first then when that failed to account for thrust in the null cannae device they resorted to the QThruster theory. I would also hope that if NASA and DARPA keep them funded for long enough they can evaluate Jim's MET devices with regard to Jim's prediction and theory.

On a side note I really hope no actual experiments, outside of computational models, to prove the wormhole term of the mach effect equation gets done while on terra firma. Assuming his derivation of the ADM electron model is correct, there are alot of unanswered questions about where the other end of the worm hole would open, along with some others. Such work really should be done on a space station somewhere. Better yet past jupiter's orbit.

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