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Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Re: Tokamak Energy news

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Skipjack wrote:
paperburn1 wrote:20 tesla 10.5 centimetres MRI are supose to be a thing 130 metric tons sooo maybe
I have trouble understanding that sentence. Sorry. Can you rephrase it, please?
The world’s strongest MRI machines are pushing human imaging to new limits
Ars artis est celare artem.

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Re: Tokamak Energy news

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The magnets that TE is using are much smaller, because they use HTSCs. Those can hold a much higher current than low temperature super conductors. It seems that they are also more quench resistant.

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Re: Tokamak Energy news

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Tokamak Energy raises £67m to make Oxford nuclear fusion hub ... usion-hub/

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Re: Tokamak Energy news

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Here's a nice retrospective for Tokamak Energy.

"Ten years of Tokamak Energy: the rapid progress of a private fusion company" ...

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