Science News. Protein can switch on electrical conductivity.

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Science News. Protein can switch on electrical conductivity.

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Prof. Stuart Lindsay from Arizona State University has been investigating mechanisms that allow proteins to conduct electrical currents like a switch. It can be turned on or off. ... 085548.htm


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Re: Science News. Protein can switch on electrical conductivity.

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positronic brain :D :D
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Re: Science News. Protein can switch on electrical conductivity.

Post by mvanwink5 » ... y-suggests ... ng-1.22645

Think of it this way. In a power plant, pipes, turbines, generators, boilers with huge combustion chambers, ducts are built, but they are there only to direct the air, fuel, combustion gas, steam, and electrical energy. The structure itself is passive. You can’t understand what is going on by looking at the structure, that is not where the magic is.

Similarly, in a cell, chemistry defines the molecular structure. Yet, the magic takes place, the quantum magic takes place around that structure. You can’t understand the energy flows, information flows, information storage, computer programs working, by looking at the structure. The structure is the distraction. The chemistry is not where the magic is.

Effects of radio waves and transmission, from AM, FM, SW radio, cell phones, WIFI, etc is not important or is less important for the cell molecular chemical structures which is what safety calculations have been based on. Instead, the effects on immune suppression, memory, biology of bacteria such as antibiotic resistance, that is showing up is happening at extreme low energy levels.

Just as an example of effects on higher life forms besides immune suppression is effects on robin navigation. And the sensing element for the earth's magnetic field is a protein... that works with electron - electron entanglement. ... 163644.htm
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