Compact Fusion Systems

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Compact Fusion Systems

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Compact Fusion Systems is one of the members of the Fusion Industry Association. They are working on MTF also inspired by the LINUS concept like General Fusion, but they are trying to design something simpler and less expensive.
Compact Fusion Systems, a Santa Fe-based energy technology company, has been awarded a grant by the Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy (DOE ARPA-E).

The award will support the technical development of a Fusion Power Core with commercial availability starting in 2030.

The power core will be:

50-500 MWe
<5c / kWh
Zero CO2 emissions
25+ year operation life
They have a video on what they are doing and trying to achieve,

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Re: Compact Fusion Systems

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I have seen them before. They have some funding from ARPA-E. We will see how it goes. Certainly worth checking back on occasionally.

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