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Messages working?

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:22 am
by icarus
I've attempted to send a message to one of the other forum users but it is staying in the Outbox and not going to the Sentbox.

Am I to assume that my messages are not working and the message has not been sent or has it been sent?

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:45 am
by KitemanSA
Based on my past experience, the message shows up in the "Sent" box only AFTER it is read by the recipient. Yes, I know, it is an odd process.

The way I figure it is that nothing is actually sent except notification to the recipient that he has a PM. And since most folks seem to TOTALLY ignore that little bitty "You have # new messages" message at the top of their page, sometimes they NEVER pick it up.

If there is a topic related to the PM, I suggest that you put a nice big bright message in that topic saying MemberX, READ YOU MESSAGES! or the like, huge type, red, etc. Just remember to erase it when he does.