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Just wandering if there is a another IT System ...

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:27 pm
by YordanGeorgiev
Just wandering if there is a another IT System supporting the need of this organization.

I mean some content management system or even better a content management system + taxonomy functionalities ...

My considerations:
- there is so much knowledge to share
- there must be some kind of organization of that knowledge
- it must be open for access and open for development, preferably open source product
- yet it would have to support different roles ( net vandalism , provocations etc. )
- it must support discussions in this forum as well as provide base for taking REAL action derived on some business / organizational rules
- many other aspects I can't figure out now

I have used <a href="">Drupal</a> for software project and it project development and it has proven track of providing those ( Obama administration tax tracking site runs also Drupal )

I am not selling here this software platform (solution)..
I just wander if there is a platform to support the talks into actions

However if somebody is interested I could provide for free ( no charges ) one small site with preinstalled and preconfigured drupal ( I am not guru in it yet I have been installing , administrating and configuring several small projects in the last 2 years using it )

Any comments and thoughts would be appreciated ...