Here lies the critical path!

Discuss the technical details of an "open source" community-driven design of a polywell reactor.

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Billy Catringer wrote:
MSimon wrote:The question is important. It ought to be studied.

It is not currently on the critical path.

Look at it this way: if an operating prototype has a real Q of 2 then a 3X to 5X improvement is a big deal. If the Operating Q is 10 or above a Q improvement of 3X to 5X does not gain you much. OTOH reactor building size and cost is definitely helped by a smaller reactor.

In any case I am just a fiend about critical paths.

We do need to hammer out a schedule of some kind. I don't have any scheduling software on my machine. That was a deliberate choice because somewhere along the way I got sick of scheduling and started turning down that kind of work. Geez! I'm thinking about doing a PERT chart in Blender. I think I'll take an aspirin and lie down for a little while.
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