Fuel metering

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Fuel metering

Post by ortholithiation »

How is fuel currently metered for a polywell reactor?

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Post by KitemanSA »

The WB6 and WB7 used a puff a gas which was then ionized in the chamber. Work SEEMS to have been paid for (pre WB7.1) to develop ion guns, but as far as I can tell, there is no published information that they were ever ACTUALLY built and installed. One just assumes, you know?
The SO&A for WB8 does mention a "modified ion gun" for the WB8.1 part which pretty much says that WB8 has an ion gun. And since WB8 "builds on past work" it suggests that WB7.1 had one. But I haven't been able to find anything specific in writing to that effect.

Anyone else know of such info?

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Post by ladajo »

I do not recall getting confirmation in the FOIA that the Ion mods were complete, but I may have. Let me look at my files. I'll let you know.

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