Length-dependent thermal conductivity in graphene

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Length-dependent thermal conductivity in graphene

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I'm thinking graphene ribbon in thermal contact with superconductor ribbon. Of course, if graphene itself can be made superconducting, one could kill two birds with one strip of "chicken wire".

http://www.nature.com/ncomms/2014/14041 ... s4689.html
Length-dependent thermal conductivity in suspended single-layer graphene
Graphene exhibits extraordinary electronic and mechanical properties, and extremely high thermal conductivity. Being a very stable atomically thick membrane that can be suspended between two leads, graphene provides a perfect test platform for studying thermal conductivity in two-dimensional systems, which is of primary importance for phonon transport in low-dimensional materials. Here we report experimental measurements and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations of thermal conduction in suspended single-layer graphene as a function of both temperature and sample length. Interestingly and in contrast to bulk materials, at 300 K, thermal conductivity keeps increasing and remains logarithmically divergent with sample length even for sample lengths much larger than the average phonon mean free path. This result is a consequence of the two-dimensional nature of phonons in graphene, and provides fundamental understanding of thermal transport in two-dimensional materials.

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Re: Length-dependent thermal conductivity in graphene

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Whatcha cookin?

Graphite also get stronger when its temperature is increased....

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