Realizing a supercapacitor in an electrical circuit

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Realizing a supercapacitor in an electrical circuit

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Realizing a supercapacitor in an electrical circuit ... /1.4902410
Capacitors are commonly used in electronic resonance circuits; however, capacitors have not been used for storing large amounts of electrical energy in electrical circuits. Here, we report a superior RC circuit which serves as an electrical storage system characterized by quick charging and long-term discharging of electricity. The improved energy storage characteristics in this mixed electric circuit (R1 + R2C1 ) with small resistor R1 , large resistor R2 , and large capacitor C1 are derived from the damming effect by large R2 in simple parallel R2C1 circuit. However, no research work has been carried out previously on the use of capacitors as electrical energy storage devices in circuits. Combined with nanotechnology, we hope that our finding will play a remarkable role in a variety of applications such as hybrid electric vehicles and backup power supplies.
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Re: Realizing a supercapacitor in an electrical circuit

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After reading this report, I see nothing remarkable, except perhaps that solid TiO2 capacitors may match electrolytic capacitors in storage and have some operational advantages.

Their presentation of slower capacitor discharge rates- through using a higher resistance in the circuit is of course simple basic electronics. Likewise, charging with less resistance in the circuit increases capacitor charging rates within limits. There is absolutely nothing new here. Nowhere (in the Physics .org article) is there mention of actually increasing super capacitor storage ability.

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