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Post by Desu »

Hello, didn't know which forum would be ok for this, so let's put it here. I had an idea that I wanted to share with you. It would probably more raise the awareness of possible fussion solution then move research forward.
I'm lurking around this forum for some time and observe. I have simple question. When there is still no money to build full-scale reactor is there a need for detailed computer simulations of such model scenario? Would that bring any interesting information except that the model reactor would work?
It seems a perfect case for distributed computing. I noticed few posts of people who want to help, but don't have skills in domain of physics. I'm sure they would gladly share their computer power for that.
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Post by drmike »

Yes, we discussed that a while back. It's a great idea, but we first need to know which model to use. The Vlasov solver is a choice, but it is not the only one.

In a sense it is a chicken and egg problem - without some real data, we don't know which model makes the most sense, and without a bunch of models, we don't know which experiments to do. The fundamental model that Bussard put forward is being checked out, and until that's done, it won't make too much sense to pursue this.

I would hope that eventually we'll have something we can pick that makes the most sense. This would be a great distributed project.

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Post by PsychoI3oy »

If/when something like this is attempted, I suggest proposing it to the World Community Grid people. They've got a huge network set up already and accept new projects from time to time. The currently running projects are for human proteome folding (similar to folding@home, I think), genetics for extra nutritious rice, a couple of drug research projects, cancer research, and one for solar cells. The software is based around the BOINC client which is available for nearly every computer platform. Starting with an established group means we'd just have to come up with the programming and deal with the results, and the grid management is left to the WCG people.

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