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Discuss ways to make polywell research more widely known or better understood. Includes education and outreach.

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One More thing...

Post by xevioso »

When/if this goes live, I could really use your help in advertising/mentioning the site prominently in blogs, on Wikipedia, and so forth. It seems to me the key to this is a proper amount of good publicity, and driving the visibility of the site by mentioning it, (I found out about this only through an offhand reference on Slashdot) as often as possible will do wonders.

Especially since I will be on vacation for two weeks starting next week.

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Post by jlumartinez »

That´s the key: PUBLICITY . We need as many people as possible aware of the existence of Polywell !! Count on me.

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Re: Great!

Post by MSimon »

xevioso wrote:Good suggestions.

My issue is that I am not a copy-writer, nor a scientist, but a web developer. Traditionally in this sort of medium a company will hire a marketer, who will write the content with the aims and missions of the company in mind. So I am hoping that when Dr. Bussard sees this, I will be able to explain this to him, and that he will be able to provide someone who can rewrite sections of the website. I don't know much about EMC2 other than

It is directed towards the general public and the technical aspect, and that's the goal...I don't know anything about his company other than the tidbits I can find on the web, but to get funding it's important to present a company as professional as possible.

Does anyone know the best way to contact him? His website only give the contact info as belonging to the new mexico foundation.

I am going to finish the site up tomorrow am and try to contact him. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
The Drs. e-mail is on the Valencia paper.

However, getting a reply is not guaranteed.

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Post by MSimon »

The "cube" Polywell is actually a truncated octahedron.

This is because the cube and the octa are duals as are the dodeca and icosa.

BTW the gain reasoning is covered in the Valencia paper.

I have also written up a simplified (but more detailed) explanation at : ... r-out.html

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Polywell Font

Post by elkaim »

The website looks great, but I think the Polywell font on the logo and title looks a bit cheesy. It has a certain geeky appeal, but I think a more streamlined and corporate look would go better.

We are tying to get taken seriously, after all.

Just my 2 cents.


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Post by MSimon »

I like it.

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Post by Nanos »

Its coming along, I like the change from oil pictures to electric pictures.

The feel of the site is one of a National Grid company so far.

I still think the font is too small.

I get an error on the first page in IE7;

Line 15, char 1, object expected

Not sure having a PDF file on the first page is a good idea on the basis that people might worry about downloading a PDF, if it could be converted to HTML page that would remove that concern about it being virus infected, also not everyone has a PDF viewer on their computer :-)

It has the appearance of being too US focused by mentioning;

> Why the U.S. Isn’t Funding A Promising Energy Technology

Also, one should try and avoid the negative aspects and focus on positive on the first page at least in my view.

The top banner/title needs something more, dunno what though, its ok, but plain. (Much like my own site, functional, but nothing exciting.)

I'd also suggest it needs a means for user input, eg. forum, live chat, so people can comment and excite each other, else your missing out on the buzz element with people seeing it, passing by and then forgetting about it 5 minutes later. People would like to see comments others have made there, in case anyones said anything interesting.

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Post by MSimon »

The most important part of getting taken seriously is the quality of the information.

Presentation is second.

The information should be useful and easy to find.

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Is Studio3dmax like Anim8tor

Post by Roger »

DL'ed Anim8tor a few months ago, haven't much time to play with it.

3D rendering.
I like the p-B11 resonance peak at 50 KV acceleration. In2 years we'll know.

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