Create organized publishing platform

Discuss ways to make polywell research more widely known or better understood. Includes education and outreach.

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Create organized publishing platform

Post by YordanGeorgiev »

Here some basic suggestions.
Define the goals and the mission of the organization, which will aim to bring the polywell fusion true.

- Create a new dedicated site on this technological solution.
- Use a new publishing platform (open for discussions ) however having special roles restrictions (any organisation bigger than 3 persons needs roles )
- Start publising papers on the site , however devided by the type of audience reading those - e.g. business persons and venture capitalists do not need to know all the physics stuff ...

- put aggressively clear messages to the USA and EU administration (if you do not do it the Chinese will do it) at the end why those physisist who do really know much about this technology do not start selling their consultance services to interested institutions and advertise those

I am sure that EU administration would start getting nerveous when they realize that USA is financing a more cost effective approach to fusion compared to the 16 billion ITER beast ...

- be open enough and credible
- show transparently results
- describe what has been done , what does it mean for technical audience
- publish often updates
- compare the polywell approach to other approaches
- use open source publishing platform (low-cost
- get open-source buzz - get some coders and geeks to spread out the word and write analystic software etc.
- get some social buzz - facebook , twitter , Google

I would suggest Drupal as a proven content-management / taxonomy system , but really the platform does not matter
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Post by zbarlici »

now that yo umention it... it makes sense that someone go ahead and make a polywell group on facebook. One of the first hyperlinks from that polywell group should be clasicalpenny`s new website.

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