Awareness Forum Guidelines

Discuss ways to make polywell research more widely known or better understood. Includes education and outreach.

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Awareness Forum Guidelines

Postby JoeStrout » Thu Jun 28, 2007 2:54 pm

Many people are not yet aware of Dr. Bussard's breakthroughs in fusion research. How can we most effectively spread the word? That's the topic of this forum.

In addition, some people who have heard of polywell fusion do not fully understand it. How can we present or explain it in a clearer manner? Skepticism about alleged fusion breakthroughs is very reasonable, given the history of fusion research. What reasons are there to believe that this breakthrough is different, and how can we most convincingly get these reasons across?

Start a new thread here if you have a new idea or question about how to present the polywell research. Be sure to define your audience, and explain how your approach (if you have one) will reach them.

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