IEC not mentioned in fusion educational TV show

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IEC not mentioned in fusion educational TV show

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Recently viewed a newly-made program on Science Channel, entitled, "Can We Make a Star on Earth", and absolutely NO mention of IEC, WB-anything, p-B11 fusion or of Dr. Bussard, his work or his life was made. (Needless to say, I was highly disappointed by this broadcast!) The lack of even a cursory glance, a "what if" during this program (meant to educate the public) assures our continued ignorance, and makes it that much more difficult to secure funding for future implementation and experimentation, especially outside the government and military's influence and control. The other fusion-related technologies mentioned were varied, and included Sandia's "Z-Machine", tokamaks, and "That Thing in France", and none projected even optimistic break-even points of less than 15 years hence. (Most projected much longer feasibility times!)
Guess we gotta start educating others ourselves. I started with my senators and congressman, and I'm working on my kids now (the future). No replies from the government officials yet, but my offspring are intrigued... (There may be hope for the future, huh?!)
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look at the comment e (17:20:17)

of this post: ... c-portals/

Word is getting out. More needs to get done.


BTW what are the odds that the "educational" video got supported by publicity funds from those projects?
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I presume this is the BBC/Brian Cox production you are referring to.

Irrespective of which devices were featured [which, as said, was limited to Z-pinch, tokamak and ICF], Brian's concluding comment was unlike him in its limited outlook. He said something like "if this [tokamak] doesn't work then ICF better work as there's nothing else".

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