Discuss ways to make polywell research more widely known or better understood. Includes education and outreach.

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So there's an energy Symposium taking place at the University of Iowa next weekend, and I think I'll go. I'd like to make some pamphlets and raise some awareness about the polywell, I'd obviously require some graphics that describe the field line behavior and some catchy numbers concerning fuel rates and availability for P-Bj, any other suggestions?
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The AskMar site has a number of documents that are updates of presentations and would make fairly good hand-outs, but be careful becasue the graphic of the pBj reaction is just plain wrong. (Arrows going from wrong nuclea to wrong particles.) He hasn't seemed interested in correcting them.

Tom Ligon also has a jim-cracky presentation you may be able to pull some handouts from, with his permission of course.

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You might also talk to the guy that did that 3D artowrk on here about using some of his stuff.
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You can use my works if you want.

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