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The New Post is up.

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:21 pm
by mattman

The New Post is up.

The blog past 13,200 pageviews yesterday. ... peech.html

On Google - The Polywell Blog - is now the 7th link under the search-term: Polywell.

Post Summary:
This post is modeled after a 30 second business pitch for the polywell. A short history of literature is given and an appeal for research is made. The machine uses the Lorentz force to speed up hydrogen, slam it together and fuse it. Electrons - trapped in the middle of six magnetic mirrors – are used to make the voltage drop. Lots of other things happen in the center, but the ions can fuse. Under no configuration is this device radioactive free and a working reactor would still give off lots of heat. Seven criticisms are listed including: x-rays, thermalization, containment, cloud focusing, particle scattering, charge separation instabilities and neutrons. Nine ideas are listed to circumvent these problems, including: magnetic mirrors, an electron cloud magnetic field, an ion structure, efficient material recirculation, device pulsing, device tuning, energy collection, improved reactor design and increasing machine size. Next is a prediction on the polywells’ future. The post closes with definitions of terminology and a recommended reading list.

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:59 pm
by ladajo
Confinement (Whiffleball) is proven. That was the entire point of WB6 and 7. It was the primary research question.

WB8 is taking the lessons from WB6 & 7, applying them, and testing for scaling. The primary research question for 8 is scaling laws validity.