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Help! I have a chance to promote alt fusion to the U.N.

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:51 pm
by DennisP
I have a chance to promote alt fusion research to people who directly advise the Secretary General. I need your votes.

MIT has a contest to crowdsource solutions to global warming, and winners present their ideas at Congress and the U.N. I’m a finalist with an entry that advocates alternative fusion research (among other things). Here’s the entry, just ctrl-F “fusion”. ... anId/15204

I was a winner last year. At the U.N. we met with the Secretary General’s personal advisory team on climate change, and after our presentations had a free-form discussion for twenty or thirty minutes.

If you would like to vote, it’s just a matter of signing up with your email address, and voting on the site by Nov. 15. Just go to the link and hit the Vote button. I promise MIT won’t spam you, other than very occasional contest updates.