Reaching VC folks

Discuss funding sources for polywell research, including the non-profit EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation, as well as any other relevant research efforts.

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Rick Kwan
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Reaching VC folks

Postby Rick Kwan » Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:59 pm

Suppose there were a well-established venture capital company with current investments in things like photovoltaics, batteries, ethanol, etc. And they typically do first and second round financing which puts them in the range of $0.5 million to $5.0 million. (Yes, this more than just hypothetical; the numbers are my educated guess.)

Given the Navy's gag order (not sharing with the civilian sector), and EMC2 ownership of all the critical intellectual property, how would you suggest they get involved in polywell fusion? How could they profit from such involvement in a way that would be compatible with EMC2 and Navy interests?

I've stumbled onto someone that I've had a few chance meetings with; I'm thinking of sending him an e-mail. I'm sure he doesn't remember me, and it may not even be worth jogging his memory. But he's got really broad scientific interests, he's been around (including visiting inside DoD), lots of people trust the guy and love talking to him, and I smile when an occasional news article shows up about him.

Billy Catringer
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Postby Billy Catringer » Sun Mar 08, 2009 7:36 pm

I would send him a link to the EMC^2 site, reminding of our meeting and conversation. If it rings true to him, he'll find these boards on his own.

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