Tracking Government Funding

Discuss funding sources for polywell research, including the non-profit EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation, as well as any other relevant research efforts.

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Tracking Government Funding

Post by BenTC »

There seems to have been a lot of conflicting dollars and dates from the government contracts. Info is a bit scattered across posts so I trying to keep this from getting lost in General, I thought a repository here might be okay.

Program Element Number: 0632012N
Plasma Fusion (Polywell)

Probably the same $2M ... _Plans.pdf
Is there much significance for it being a "Joint OSD/USN" and being under "NAVY & MARINE CORPS PROJECT PLAN" and well as "DEFENSE-WIDE PROJECT PLAN" - ie its gaining significance, or has it always been like that?

$7.8M + optional $4.5M ... e&_cview=1 ... %20J&A.pdf
Solicitation Number: N6893609R0044
Contract Award Number: N6893609C0125
Contract Award Date: September 11, 2009
Delivery Dates:
March 2010 Wiffleball 8, fabrication, test and report
March 2012 Wiffleball 8.1, fabrication, test and report
March 2012 ion gun modification

Also... ... ?id=238726 ... 953814.htm
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Post by KitemanSA »

Rely on the FBO. Any money (except black programs and they are just buried in other things) that is awarded sole source MUST be published if it exceeds a fairly small amount (used to be $50k, but may be higher now) in any fiscal year. Look for solicitations that have "Justification and Approval" statements. These are AWARDS. Anythng else is just a plan, a thought, not real.

This is the WB8 Solicitation. It has a J&A statement. This is real. ... =1&au=&ck=

The $2M lines you stated were preliminary PLANs to spend the recovery money. That $2M turned into the $7.8M recovery money AWARD. NICE!

There were three pre-solicitations in late FY08 / early FY09 that never showed any real activity. These may or may not have been awarded per-se. However, (though I can't find the original) I recall that the Jan 2009 pre-solicitation started out at ~$200k but the J&A showed ~$300k awarded. I figure that the small amounts from FY09 were rolled into the one J&A.

It is not clear to me if we will get any indication that the +~$4M will ever be acknowledge since the current J&A says ~$10M which is sufficient detail to cover both parts of the award.

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