EMC2 needs to become a for profit company.

Discuss funding sources for polywell research, including the non-profit EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation, as well as any other relevant research efforts.

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EMC2 needs to become a for profit company.

Post by cgray45 »

I was speaking to a fellow who had invested in some concepts and he stated that the fact that EMC2 was a charitable organization pretty much was a show stopper for him for the following reasons.

1. If it is ever proved, other people will make money off of his investment.

2. "Free" = worthless. How can you expect others to trust you if you don't have enough confidence in your design to offer stock that will one day pay dividends.

I was thinking about this-- there have been many corporations that have amassed huge amounts of capital for quite odd concepts-- maybe the time has come for EMC2 to bite the bullet, become a corporation, and offer stock, dividends to be paid out of the fees made from licensing polywell technology, when and if it is developed.

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Post by MSimon »

EMC2 is a corporation. It just doesn't offer stock at this point except to insiders.

I imagine they will go public when they feel the time is right.

Free does not preclude development. It just lowers the profit potential. There is a LOT of free technology out there. And yet people can still buy shirts and pants. But the margins are low.
Engineering is the art of making what you want from what you can get at a profit.

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Post by KitemanSA »

JEEZ people, please think about what you read! EMC2 IS a for profit corporation. It is not now nor was it ever a NOT for profit corporation.

EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation, a DIFFERENT entity, is a not for profit corporation seeking money to hire EMC2 to do some not for profit research.

Got it? Yet? Please!!!



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