Locked in a Catch 22 funding loop

Discuss funding sources for polywell research, including the non-profit EMC2 Fusion Development Corporation, as well as any other relevant research efforts.

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Locked in a Catch 22 funding loop

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An acquaintance of mine -now retired- who worked at Lawrence Livermore, recently suggested that Polywell's chances for big (as in $350 million) Energy Department funding would be better if there were published peer-reviewed papers in reputable journals on recent successes of the Polywell. But Navy ONR policy won't allow published papers about the Polywell (peer-reviewed or otherwise) - so Navy gets no Energy Department money for Polywell. And Navy can't get big bucks from the DOD for Polywell because the Energy Department is supposed to develop Navy Nuclear Propulsion (and that's published policy). So the Polywell just sits there, locked in a Catch 22 funding Loop.

Just a W.A.G that scares me a little bit. How say the rest of you?

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Re: Locked in a Catch 22 funding loop

Post by KitemanSA »

Since most of Dr. Bussard's papers entailed aircraft and spacecraft use, I kind of hope the Air force takes it over. ;)

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Re: Locked in a Catch 22 funding loop

Post by hanelyp »

I expect a sizeable lag from when the polywell is demonstrated suitable for fixed installations and naval vessels to when a flight weight reactor is demonstrated.
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Re: Locked in a Catch 22 funding loop

Post by mattman »


I spoke with someone close to the work. He is of the impression the Navy funding is winding down, which means a publication is coming.

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