Launch of new KWH-credit fundraiser

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Tyler Jordan
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Launch of new KWH-credit fundraiser

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Friends of Fusion,

Announcing "", the open Polywell fusion consortium - a new fusion venture and a new way to seek funding for fusion - through the promotion of fusion via the sale of KWH credits.

SOME QUICK DETAILS -- much more on the website

1.) Our website is: We have group forums, a stack-exchange-like Q and A system, a blog/journal, budgets, job listings, and details of the structure and organization.

2.) Founders: Tyler Jordan, M. Simon, & Clyde Phillips jr.

3.) We are bootstrapping everything! We have next to nothing in seed capital, so we are using our skills, persistence, and determination to push forward.

4.) KWH-Credits system: Credits will be sold for US$0.005 with a minimum purchase of 1000KWH (US$5.00). This is an order of magnitude less than global-average KWH rates. This ultra-low rate represents the risk inherent in the undertaking - high risk, high reward. You may purchase KWH-credits now!

5.) Bonus registration credits:
To facilitate the jump-starting of & to gain your support for this immense undertaking, we are offering 2000 FREE KWH credits (2MWH's of power!) to users of both and who joined on or before the date of the posting of this offer in exchange for your registration on the website.
Note that you must sign-up to our website using the same email address you are using on and/or AND you need to email: to let us know that you have registered and want the registration bonus.
Your email address will be compared with email addresses listed on the forums and the date of your joining the forum will be compared with the date of this post. Upon verification, you will receive 2000 KWH credits into your account on the ProtonBoron website.

6.) Ways to EARN KWH credits:
You will earn minor amounts of free credits just by signing into the website on a regular basis and reading and commenting on posts. However to earn large amounts of credit you may write posts and share your affiliate link around the web, located here (must be registered):

7.) Legal organizations - it is proposed that:
a. We create two initial legal entities; a foundation/trust that will sell KWH-credits and donate raised funds; and a 501c3 not-for-profit that will accept donations and perform the research. This keeps the organizational tasks focused & more transparent, and this gives better accountability.
b. We form the "ProtonBoron Fusion Foundation" (PBFF) a democratically controlled foundation/trust to both raise funds and oversee the management of all funds provided by supporters. The voting members of this foundation are it's supporters - those who own more than 1000 KWH credits.
c. We form the “Open Polywell Research Institute” (OPRI) a separate 501c3 not-for-profit to manage the research and accept donations & grants. This organization will be managed by it's lead-engineers/researchers.

8.) Community payback:
Upon the successful development of a commercially viable net-positive energy fusion prototype, a third for-profit company will be organized by the foundation. All members of the foundation and the 501c3 may then choose to invest either directly, or by converting their KHW credits into shares (as an alternative to taking a payout for their support).
Upon profitability of the for-profit company, as part of it's contract with the foundation for it's support, all net-profit excepting a negotiated allowance for some net-profit to be re-invested, will be diverted to paying off it's debt to supporters still holding KWH credits.
This method of fundraising is akin to kickstarter(tm), but has several advantages; it is open-ended in that we can continue to raise funds over a number of years, contributors are also voting members, and allows conversion into shares in the future.


1.) ProtonBoron is only giving away virtual-KWH (KiloWatt Hours) of energy not actual (real) KWH of energy.
2.) All virtual-KWH’s are maintained (stored on our servers) as a potential credit that shall only be redeemed for actual-KWH upon our successful development of a commercially profitable fusion reactor production facility (hereafter “our mission”).
3.) In the best case scenario, our mission will likely take over ten years.
4.) If ProtonBoron fails and we cannot accomplish our mission, we shall not redeem the virtual-KWH for real KWH and you will gain nothing in return for your virtual-KWH.
5.) By taking part in ProtonBoron’s give-away of virtual-KWH’s you agree to hold ProtonBoron harmless if we fail to accomplish our mission and hence are unable to redeem any and all virtual-KWH for real KWH.


The best place to ask questions is our Q & A system on the website:


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