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Post by ravingdave »

Roger wrote:
ravingdave wrote:
Roger wrote: Whats wrong with this picture ? Its false. Republicans held the majority in the senate until Jan 2009.

Facts getting the way of idiocy, LOL.

Well, according to Wikipedia...
David, first you said Congress, see my bold. Then you provide a wiki link to an article on the House of Representatives. Get your act together.

Roger, please lie down and then when you feel better you possibly need to seek medical attention. First of all, it was TALLDave, not RavingDave that used the word "CONGRESS." Secondly, the URL of the wiki entry says "[b]U.S._Se ... tion,_2006[/b]".

Notice the word SENATE in the Url ? The link actually takes you to a link about the 2006 SENATE elections in which the Dems won a 51/49 majority.

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Here is a post I did on FDR. ... -deal.html

It discusses why FDR's policies delayed the recovery by as much as 8 years. The new guy seems to be following the FDR path. But this time it will be different. Yep. We understand so much more now. And that greater understanding will turn bad policies into good ones.
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Post by Roger »

Apologies David, I will look for a crack pipe first thing Tuesday.
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