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Is Cold Fusion the Answer to America's failing Auto Industry

Posted: Tue May 05, 2009 2:54 pm
by mike betie
Check out this article at the Huffington Post. ... 96315.html

Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 4:07 pm
by MSimon

The LENR folks can't even make a water heater let alone an affordable water heater.

And this is going to power autos? Like Detroit can start retooling now?

No LENR device that I am aware of has ever raised steam. And do we really want cars with a bunch of 600 psi or better boilers running in our roads? The accidents would be horrific.

Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 6:28 pm
by chrismb
That's quite simply one of the biggest non sequitur agruments I've ever seen. What the heck has cold fusion and Detroit got in common, apart from them appearing in this article together!!??

Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 9:57 pm
by Morgan
Scene from 2014:

"Honey, I'm taking the car down to the corner to reload the palladium matrices with deuterium!"

"Oh, good, I hate topping off that heavy water. I know it's not radioactive, but it gives me the willies anyway."

"Uh huh"

"Hey, while you're there, make sure you have them check the palladium's tensile characteristics, would you? I'm afraid we have some microfractures in the surface, and high-energy hydrinos are fouling the EEstors."


"Just ask him to check the palladium."

"Okay. Should I have them top off the boiler, too?"

"Nope, I just did that. But that reminds me, pick up some Rust Out."

"Okay, bye."


Flash Steam...

Posted: Sun May 10, 2009 11:33 pm
by Nik
"And do we really want cars with a bunch of 600 psi or better boilers running in our roads?"

Um, would be okay if 'flash steam', when there'd only be ounces of water under high pressure in a thin tube, not pots of it like a power-station.

When the tube size is small, you have the counter-intuitive situation that the pipe becomes remarkably strong.

Wasn't steam, but I've used 200 bar ~3000 PSI chromatography pumps with flexible, capilliary bore tubes and finger-tight (!!) teflon connectors...

Meanwhile, I'd be interested how this 'cool fusion' works: Sonic, neutron beam, petulant palladium, muon-catalysed ??