Galilean Electrodynamics

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Galilean Electrodynamics

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Bumped into this recently...
Where does this fit into the scheme of things? eccentric/possible/crank...

It is difficult to find critical work about Einstein's Theory of Relativity in most standard physics journals. Galilean Electrodynamics, founded by the late Petr Beckman in 1989, is a notable exception. Since Einstein's 1905 paper, Relativity has had many critics and although it is widely accepted today, there is still a minority who question the central tenets of Relativity Theory. Galilean Electrodynamics is devoted to publishing high quality scientific papers, refereed by professional scientists, that are critical of Special Relativity, General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Big Bang theory and other establishment doctrines.
For instance...
Recoil Between Photons and Electrons Leading to the Hubble Constant and CMB

Collapse of SRT 1: Derivation of Electrodynamic Equations from the Maxwell Field Equations
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A good essay explaining some other critics to the theory of Relativity: ... d_Equation

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