Forced vaccinations made easy

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There is that potential, of course, but I was referring to blood loss rate and blockage of breathing orifices during the summer heat. Not to mention their coordinated Kamikaze attacks on ear canals while their cohorts go for the unprotected areas. Probably worse near the coasts. I don't recall seeing them very far inland, so I don't think the map accurately reflects the annoyance factor.

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MirariNefas wrote:
Biology is more complex than the physics problems being tackled today. Get over it.

What may be the most complicated object known to Mathematics is obtained from the simple iterative equation z_n+1 = z_n^2 + const.
An example of the complexity of biology:
It took me about 4 runs through the video to get a handle on what they were presenting. Besides it is quite entertaining.
I really like the kinesin protein molecules.

Biology may be limited by the granular atomic nature of the real world, but it is the real world.
It also extends its complexity into the time dimension, unlike the above fractal picture.
-Tom Boydston-
"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?" ~Albert Einstein

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