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Post by zbarlici »

List the websites you like going to here whether it be for news, media or any other reason...

I get my international news here... its pretty much unbiased and thats always a good thing

...and just click on "world news"

For new discovery/innovation in any field(tech/nanaotech/earth sciences/space sciences/medical/etc) i like to go to this website, mainly because its the first one that i came across that reports on all the fields...

For GOOD QUALITY streaming video i go here

not movies thou... or at least I haven`t tried looking for `em. If you watch episodes of whatever just click on "channels" and type in the name of the show u looking for and hopefully they have something on it. If they have it, the video quality of the stream is a lot better than you`ll find in a lot of other websites.

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Post by MSimon »

The Guardian is a post modern socialist paper.

Not unbiased about most things at all.

In fact there are no unbiased papers. You really need to look at other places and the www to get a feel for the news.

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