Whatever happened to that Hockey stick chart?

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ScottL wrote:As for my regulation of eligibility, what suggestion would you make? That they simply cut unemployment? That's one of those things the conservative base is definitely considering. If there are no jobs and you cut unemployment funding, you now have 9.2% more homeless.
"That they simply cut unemployment?" This is such a typical political type of comment. It is not unemployment that needs cutting. Unemployment is funded. It is unemployment "extensions" that are at issue.

Anyway, I don't really have a suggestion to save the current system. I think it is inherently doomed to fail. The system depends on government to take from the rich to give to the poor, Robin Hood style, with the government being the arbitrator for who qualifies on both sides, and individual government workers (who are not doing anything productive) being the administrators. The system is hopelessly wasteful and hopelessly unfair.

The federal government should get back to doing the things in Article 1 section 8 and it should stop infringing on Amendment X. The Constitution is clear and all of this crap is against The Constitution.

Now, with an Amendment to the Constitution, I could fix everything, but no one would go for it.

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