The Drug War Is a Spiritual Problem

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The Drug War Is a Spiritual Problem

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Heal and comfort the afflicted or mete out severe punishments to them so they will be induced to give up their affliction? Hard question. For Christians.

For an areligious person like me the answer is easy. Heal and comfort.

I wish I wanted to hurt people to make them better. I just don't have it in me. It makes me feel so out of place in this civilization. The best I can do is to desire the harm of those who have directly harmed others. Other than that I'm just not up for it. It is probably a personal character defect. Trouble is I'm just not that interested in fixing it.
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Most drug users are not junkies, but ordinary folks who happen to like that recreation.
Decriminalization would "fix" 95% of the drug "problem" overnight, and then the remaining 5% who are junkies would be destigmatized and able to get rational, sane help.
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