Justice versus Coal in West Virginia

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Tom Ligon
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Justice versus Coal in West Virginia

Post by Tom Ligon »

No, wait, I need to check the spelling. Justice beat Cole. Jim Justice (D) beat Bill Cole (R) for Governor of West Virginia, a state that just went strongly for Trump. Somebody should have bet me, they would have won. I would have said that Justice never had a chance in West Virginia against Cole. No, that would be Coal.

Sorry, the pun was just too juicy not to share.

In the meantime, my fertilizer stock went way up today. Not sure what that means.

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Re: Justice versus Coal in West Virginia

Post by Diogenes »

Trump's game plan included deliberate solicitation of Democrat voters.

He made appeals to their blue collar union members and he made appeals to their black constituency.

His plan was to win with some Democrat votes.
‘What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass.’
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