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Post by zbarlici »

Me first!!! I was just goofing around one night about mid 2007-ish, just goofing around the net looking up sily stuff like "government coverups", "conspiracies", "secret projects"(good for a laugh sometimes), when i stumbled upon this page... dang i just checked and i can`t seem to find the page anymore, it was titled "The Price of Liberty" talking about our dependenance on oil, and how Dr. R.W. Bussard figured out a way to cut our dependancy on oil(for the most part)...then i found the "Should Google go Nuclear" video with Bussard, and then i found the Nasa Spaceflight forum. There was over 100 pages of comments on the "Interesting Fusion Talk" topic under Advanced Conepts... took me a few days to read thru them all(few hours at a time"... And then this Talk-Polywell forum opened up and here we are!

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Post by Betruger »

I saw the Doc's talk on I can't recall exactly how I heard about that, though. I think it might have been one of those "Should Google go nuclear?" headline link on some news webpage.

Tom Ligon
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Post by Tom Ligon »

A former employer was rapidly failing in 1995, and I was planning to quit and become a consultant. They were contacted by an "R. W. Bussard", who needed to have a vacuum chamber leak-tested (turns out to have been PXL-1). The two of us who recognized the name could not get the company Veep to pry a bit to answer the obvious question.

I obtained the name, and my first order of business in my new career was to drop off a copy of my newsletter to the address. When I was contacted by Dr. Bussard a few weeks later, I asked if he were the R. W. Bussard, "as in ramjets."

"I guess I'll never live that down," was his response.

He told me about Polywells (r) in the interview, and I knew I had to be a part of it.[/i]

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Post by MSimon »

I document my first contact here: ... usion.html
Justin at Classical Values has put up a posts about fusion energy machines way different from the magnetic confinement and heating machines the government is building.

You can read the post here. Eric of Classical values has another post on the subject.
That was up on Monday, November 27, 2006. I keep GMT time so it would have been on Sunday local time.

Here are the Classical Values links:

Here are some "The Price of Liberty" links from Classical Values ... re_to.html ... to_be.html ... now_d.html
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Post by blaisepascal »

There was this article a couple of years ago in Analog magazine about it.

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Post by classicpenny »

Tom Ligon's piece: "The World's Simplest Nuclear Reactor Revisited or the Not Quite So Simple Reactor, and How They Made It Work" Published in the Jan/Feb 2008 Analog, but I actually received the magazine the first week in Nov 2007 - hard to believe it's only been a year!

Bill Flint

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Post by Aero »

Cosmic Log

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Post by energyfan »

was looking on the internet for sources that debunk fusion (following cold fusion thought all fusion would be scam) and saw the Youtube video on "Should Google go Nuclear" ... didnt follow through it though,
then read about Iter and followed that for a while but thought it might be a little hopeless, kept searching and found the Polywell link somewhere on youtube or another website, maybe peswiki, some stuff on eblog and eventually back to the Bussard lecture on youtube, saw the whole thing now and then found the site

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Post by KitemanSA »

blaisepascal wrote:There was this article a couple of years ago in Analog magazine about it.
There was this article in Analog by Tom Ligon about a decade ago that hinted at it. I kept an eye on Ligon every few years wondering if the veiled hints would come clear, and last time I looked, PRESTO, the veil had been lifted. Wonderment!

Mike Holmes
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Post by Mike Holmes »

Was interested to know the state of fusion power, and just googled it up. While it's interesting to note that I got here eventually, I found wassisname's crackpot site for fusion by hitting water with lightning first. So while this is generally accessible, it wasn't - at least at the time - as accessible as the relatively bad data. I hope things have improved.


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Post by drmike »

I had pretty much finished debunking the Steorn "overunity" claims and was wandering around the net looking at other infinite energy claims. Then I ran across the Google video and figured it would be fun to check it out. I first heard about talk-polywell on the forum, and ended only having time to read this one.

I'll be building hardware for the next few years. :D

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Post by MSimon »

Eric of Classical Values sent me this e-mail:


This is straight from Justin: He read about this in a book called "The Man Made Sun" by T.A. Heppenheimer (early 80s), and than read about it in "Analog" in Tom Ligon's article in the late 90s. Justin also blogged about fusion in this post: ... h_day.html

which goes to this from Ligon:
Engineering is the art of making what you want from what you can get at a profit.

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Post by ravingdave »

I read about it in an article in EETimes.


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Post by choff »

I found out about it by way of a Popular Mechanics Mag that had an article that claimed cold fusion could be used by terrorists to produce nuclear weapons. The article turned out to be a complete fraud but trying to find out the process I checked out the Philo Farnsworth web site. I had read in a book on fusion research years before that Farnsworth had invented a small demo fusion reactor that couldn't scale up. No explanation on his process though. At the Farnsworth site I found the link to the google video of Dr. Bussard, less than a month after it was put up.

Jeff Peachman
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Post by Jeff Peachman »

I was a freshmen in highschool, and I was looking up fusion stuff because I was a sci-fi nut. I eventually hung out at enough to get really interested in IEC. This led to eventually reading Tom Ligon's "The World's Simplest Fusion Reactor."

From here I was really interested in the work Tom mentioned about Bussard at the end of the article and the possible application. I kept my eye on it until the Google Video came out years later.

- Jeff Peachman

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