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Polywell Visions: Philosophy

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:53 am
by cksantos
For this section I'd like to pose some questions.

Ethics-Disclosure is the main ethical issue, but underlying that issue is the question, who should control/regulate polywell and what should it be used for first. Overarching this is the legacy of Dr. Bussard, so the second question is what would Bussard do with it first and how would he control it (if he had not died and was a the google talk)

Aesthetics- Polywell is an elegant solution to the energy crisis, space propulsion stagnation, water crisis, food crisis, and peak everything. It can be utilized to solve almost any human issue. The question is what problems can't polywell solve.

What if scenarios-

1. What if Dr. Bussard had lived longer.

2. What if Google had funded the work during its funding lapse.

3. What if NASA picked up polywell as part of Obama's "game changing technology" mantra

(PS, I'm starting to hate that phrase the more I read NASA budget documents)