Space Show Covers the Polywell / WE NEED YOUR HELP

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Space Show Covers the Polywell / WE NEED YOUR HELP

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Tonight at 7 Pacific The Space Show is doing a story on the Polywell. Hopefully it will help drive funding support - EMC2 still needs to raise 30 million.

Also, we am trying to build a group effort to help edit fusion on Wikipedia. Many concepts need to be better explained to the public. For example: <--- This article is long and has TWO references. <--- This article has NO references. <-- This article is on an important topic, but has no pictures.

Please support this proposal, so we can win this MIT contest - it will provide funding for fusion education to the general public.

Finally, we are organizing an Google+ Hangout to coordinate a Wikipedia editing drive, Next Monday June 1rst at 7PM o'clock Pacific and 10 PM Eastern for 1 hour.

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Re: Space Show Covers the Polywell / WE NEED YOUR HELP

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Appreciate your efforts, please stop spamming all the forums with the same post.
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