Want a Fusion Job?

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Want a Fusion Job?

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Check out:
http://careers.physicstoday.org/jobdeta ... vents=1711
Job Description
General Fusion invites applications for the position of Experimental Plasma Physicist. We expect to have several openings starting in the beginning of 2009. Progress is being made at General Fusion Inc to develop a new means of achieving Magnetized Target Fusion (MTF) energy. Experimentalists with relevant expertise will be part of the plasma injector team and will play a key role in the implementation of a new Compact Toroid (CT) research facility. The facility will consist of a pair of CT accelerators (each 5 m long, 1.9 m diameter, with a 2.5 MJ accelerator bank), and will be capable of producing high density, strongly magnetized spheromak and FRC plasmas with properties suitable for use as an MTF fuel plasma. The mission of this facility is to develop the technological and physics base to enable a breakeven MTF experiment at the end of four years time.

The initial duration of this position is two years; work will focus on the implementation and experimental study of MTF relevant compact toroids, as well as finalizing the design of a prototype breakeven MTF device. Pending the success of this phase of research and development, the appointment could be continued into a second two-year phase where the prototype MTF breakeven device would be constructed, commissioned and operated.

Each experimental physicist will be responsible for the design, implementation and operation of a diagnostic system, analysis of its data, as well as comparison to relevant simulation work. Experimental campaigns will require a variety of optical, magnetic and particle diagnostics, and will investigate physics issues such as CT formation and acceleration, MHD stability, reconnection and relaxation processes, as well as transport and confinement. Physicists will work closely with other engineers and technical staff to make progress on this project at an accelerated pace.

Salary and benefits are competitive. General Fusion is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, within the Vancouver area. Relocation to Canada will be required to participate in the experimental operations. Please refer to our website www.generalfusion.com for more information on the projects underway at General Fusion.
NOTES: International Candidates Will Be Considered. Employer will assist with relocation costs
Candidates for this position must have a strong background in research related to magnetic confinement of plasmas, as well as expertise with a particular plasma diagnostic approach. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in plasma physics or a closely related field. Familiarity with the design and operation of high voltage pulsed power will also be critical. A successful candidate should be have a strong grasp of plasma theory and be able to apply relevant theory to develop models of the experimental system as well as to contribute to technological innovations.

The work involved in this project combines a wide range of skill sets, and each team member will need to become familiar with the full scope of the injector project and understand how their subproject relates to the whole. General Fusion seeks individuals who are self-motivated, have good communication skills and are comfortable with creative problem solving independently and within a group.

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They should advertise for quantum mechanics instead.

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Doesn't that describe what Helion energy already has, but they need money to develop it and General Fusion has money? I think they're geographically close as well.

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