Newsweek - Another Anecdote

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Newsweek - Another Anecdote

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Riddle began her son on Charlotte’s Web CBD oil and eventually added THC. As Riddle titrated the THC dosing, she slowly weaned her son off the narcotics prescribed for him by his doctors in Utah. Stanley says the combination of CBD oil and THC helped Landon deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and, based on limited existing lab research, made it more likely that the cannabis could kill the cancer as well. “If the cannabinoids do in his body what they have proven to do in petri dishes and in mice, why not throw the book at them?”
The story is about a boy of 4 who was started on cannabis because he did not react well to chemo.
That is why she ended up in that conference room with a cannabis researcher, who was there to explain why the drug could help patients like Landon. He was the only person in the medical field she could find who would speak on her behalf. “It was a big slap in the face that not a single doctor would come forward to help us,” she says. “They were all afraid of losing their medical license. They were afraid of the government. They were afraid of what it would look like if they came forward in the name of cannabis.”

In the end, CPS supported Riddle. Results from blood tests, a bone marrow biopsy and spinal tap proved Landon no longer had leukemia, not even the microscopic kind, she says. Riddle says the CPS director called the hospital and ordered it to have Landon’s chemo port removed and discharge him from the hospital.
After a while people get tired of being afraid of government. And then things get interesting.
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