10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by Asterix »

Note that Rossi is warning of "postive or negative" outcomes of his secret "testing".

A nice convenient way out for Rossi, and a way to make it very difficult to prosecute him, is if the tests come out negative.

Then Mr. Rossi can say "Mi dispiace molto, but I did warn you."--and take his money and continue his career in Florida real estate. I'd love to see the agreement between Rossi and IH for appropriate weasel words...

He probably won't get another chance, but he's pretty much at retirement age now anyay. Better to bask in the Florida sunshine and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by TallDave »

I thought it was interesting that NRL claimed the other day to have a process to produce jet fuel from seawater for $3-$6, for which they were not immediately condemned by all right-thinking people.
And why should they be, or were you just being facetious?
Indeed, Bussard himself made some... optimistic statements (Rick was notably more circumspect). It's what people in high-risk, high-reward endeavors do. No one (well, hardly anyone) calls Eric Lerner a scam artist even though he promised to get to net power by four years ago and has some, ahem, interesting views on physics.
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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by Ivy Matt »

On April 29, 2010, Andrea Rossi wrote:
We not just made models and calculations, but we made apparatuses which are working from 2 years now. What we are working on is no more an ‘experimental set’, as you wrongly wrote,it is an apparatus which heats up a factory and of which we are organizing the industrialization.
In hindsight it would appear to be another of his "optimistic" statements, like when he said the 1-MW E-Cat was gone.
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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by ladajo »

In his army scam he followed a very similar pattern as he has for Ecat.
In the end, it fell apart because Rossi claimed that it was too hard to make. (What he meant was impossible, but when you soak DoD for a couple of million, you have to be careful with terminology.)
I think he recently said that Ecats are very hard to manufacture. Which is in direct contrast to previous statements he made where he had made hundreds by himself or by an old man by hand...

As I said before, this time he put his foot in it. The folks that he got money from are not the kind that accept not getting it back.
I predict he disappears (mysteriously ala Hoffa), or that he flees the country (an old habit of his).
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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by JoeP »

Asterix wrote:Note that Rossi is warning of "postive or negative" outcomes of his secret "testing".

A nice convenient way out for Rossi, and a way to make it very difficult to prosecute him, is if the tests come out negative.
This is win-win for him. As you said, it is an "out," if the 3rd party six month test and the work with his new partners doesn't pan out.

However, if at least the 6 month test is positive (for WHATEVER reason, whether LENR effects, chemical effects, input energy measurement errors due to his pulsed control system, output measurement errors, or undiscovered fraud, or some combination of the above), Rossi looks even better that he was willing to accept a negative result.

Fraud or not, the guy knows how to work the system.

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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by seedload »

E-Cat Jet Engine. Nuff said.
Stick the thing in a tub of water! Sheesh!

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Re: 10KW LENR demonstrator (new thread)

Post by Teemu »

Some Rossi advocates have tried to defend him by trying to argue that because he is such a poor con man, not convincing and slick, that means that he is no con man.
He does not look or act like a con man -- he inspires no confidence;
In my opinion, Rossi would make the world’s worst con man, because he inspires no confidence in anyone I know.
This is a poor argument. People have a great need to justify their actions to themselves, this leads to that con men often start to buy more and more into the shit they are selling towards the end of their career. This image of con men as slick, credible and perfectly rational and calculating human beings is just a myth.

Let's take a look at one con man

Timothy Szabolcsi had no reason to appear in Dr. Phil in the episode "Did She Marry an Imposter?" . If he was perfectly rational and calculating human being, he would have known that the best strategy would have been to avoid that show, a rational calculating con man would have known that Dr Phil and his investigative team are going to tear him a new one, that his appearance would only be bad for his con business. Had he rationally chosen to not to appear at the show the segment about him would have been just probably a boring 15 minute segment of his ex wife telling the story, rather than this epic 35 minute spanking. But he had obviously started to partially buy in his own lies and had such great need to defend himself.


Also he was shot dead just few months after the interview was aired.

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/ ... -1.2684846

The person who committed that murder, or possibly ordered a hit man to do it, could have possible just viewed that interview over and over again and become more and more enraged, so it might not have been such good idea in that sense either.

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