Trump Promotes Fusion Space-Travel

Point out news stories, on the net or in mainstream media, related to polywell fusion.

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Trump Promotes Fusion Space-Travel

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Z-pinch devices are being promoted. That would be Tri Alpha Energy. Which means Polywell is likely to be revived if needed. ... 00204.html
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Re: Trump Promotes Fusion Space-Travel

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I don't see TAE anywhere. I see MIFTI, which is a staged Z- Pinch and PPPL, which is a FRC device.
Sadly, the more interesting SFS Z- Pinch from ZAP does not seem to be in the running. Also MSNW's Fusion Driven Rocket could have been interesting to look at. PPPL is still quite a few years away from proofing their concept, IMHO. MIFTI is interesting, but it is a bit of a heavy hitter and will need quite massive capacitors from what I understand. We will see how they will progress in the coming years.
So far ZAP and Helion are my personal front runners. The SFS Z- Pinch would be really compact and could work with advanced fuels for space propulsion.

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