Forum for alternate fusion solutions?

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Forum for alternate fusion solutions?

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I have followed Talk-Polywell with interest for several years. I also have great interest in other small programs, in particular General Fusion, but also Helion, Tri-Alpha, et al. I can't find websites that come close to the quality of this site that cover those programs. I wonder if this site could be a good host for discussions of alternative theories and design issues? I note that a few relevant monster threads exist under Community Forums / News, e.g. "General Fusion in the News". How about a new forum like "Alternate Fusion Programs"? Could that have a home here, and if so where would it belong?

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Re: Forum for alternate fusion solutions?

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We could also probably use subforums for other topics, like mach effect and politics. There doesn't seem to be much interest in breaking things out more.
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