New Post is up: We Have to Try

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New Post is up: We Have to Try

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New Post: We Have to Try!

This one took a couple of weeks to put together. Blog has past 70,000 views. It is gathering some speed. ... o-try.html


This post covers work from Convergent Scientific Incorporated. It has four parts: experimental work, modeling, talk highlights and a conclusion. Experiment details were imperfect. CSI trapped electrons for 20 seconds, using: model one. It is assume this is a wire shaped into a diamond - 14 cm a side with 1,500 amps and held at +500 volts. This was within a ~0.6 pascal vacuum with four emitters at each corner. Model one was cooled with a chilling system. The emitter voltage was varied from -500 to -9,500 volts and a probe measured the resulting trapping. Results were questioned because the emitters remained on the whole test. The magnetic and electric fields are mapped using single wire and point charge models. The excel file is open to the public. The forces are plotted along the face path of the diamond. The resulting motion is described. The effect of sliding or rotating the emitters is explored. Talk highlights are given. These include: the impact of pressurizing, moving, shaping and forming structure within the plasma. The relevant plasma instabilities are mentioned as well as a discussion of structure. Finally a call for experiments is made, with a list of good reference material.

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