2002 "US Navy supports cold fusion"

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2002 "US Navy supports cold fusion"

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sorry, its not quite polywell…
http://www.infinite-energy.com/iemagazi ... /navy.html

"Unfortunately, the phenomenon described by Fleischmann and Pons was far from being understood
and even factors necessary for repeatability of the experiments were unknown. Over the next few months,
the scientific community became divided into the "believers" and the "skeptics." The "believers" reported the
results of their work with enthusiasm that at times overstated the significance of their results. On the other
hand, many "skeptics" rejected the anomalous behavior of the polarized Pd/D system as a matter of conviction,
i.e. without analyzing the presented material and always asking "where are the neutrons?" Funding or research
quickly dried up as anything related to "Cold Fusion" was portrayed as a hoax and not worthy of funding.
The term "Cold Fusion" took on a new definition much as the Ford Edsel had done years earlier."


….i think shooting ourselves in the foot is a severe understatement. Here we are trying to pursue a new field of science. We make
a discovery & because we don't understand it(because we haven't quite figured it out yet), well…. look above… why is our
system not set up to pursue understanding of unexplained results? How stupid are we?

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