(5-24-2016) NEW POST: Venture Capital Finds Fusion 183K Views!

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(5-24-2016) NEW POST: Venture Capital Finds Fusion 183K Views!

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Hello All!

NEW POST IS UP. A Review of the Milken Panel.

http://www.thepolywellblog.com/2016/05/ ... usion.html

183,333 Views and counting!!


This post summarizes a fusion panel held at the 2016 Milken Institutes annual conference. This milestone represents a renewed venture capital interest in fusion. The panel included: Denis Whyte, Thomas McGuire, Michl Binderbauer, Michel Laberge and Katie Fehrenbacher of Fortune magazine. Laberge gave an impassioned plea for fusion. MIT is criticized for not expanding its focus at different fusion approaches beyond tokamaks and ICF. Lockheeds’ research is discussed, including their progress and theoretical goals. Tri Alpha Energy is also discussed. The structure, generation and merits of field reversed configuration is reviewed. Tri Alpha’s solution to instabilities in the FRC and the founding of the company is covered. The post closes by arguing that the federal government needs to create a support structure for new fusion concepts – NASA has a budget 32X that of fusion research.

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