New Post is up: Fusion in Upheaval.

Discuss ways to make polywell research more widely known or better understood. Includes education and outreach.

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New Post is up: Fusion in Upheaval.

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New Post is up: Fusion in Upheaval.

It talks about: the Navy paper, Livermore ending LIFE, the NWNC and General Fusion. ... eaval.html

MANY people contributed to this post. But thanks are due to: Dr. Delage, Carl Greninger, Tall Dave, M Simon, Dr. Mike, J Hargis and Henning Dekant. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

The blog is at 87,179 views.


Executive Summary:

This covers developments in fusion: the navy work, LIFE ending, high school fusioneers and General Fusion. The navy work will be significant because of: firm theory, a credible team, fine equipment and a supporting community. Grad predicted that high pressure, cusped confinement would be MHD stable. The polywell seems to behave this way. When compared to other confinement schemes, this has advantages. In April, Livermore quietly ended the Laser Inertial Fusion Energy program. The historic goals of the 13 billion dollar ICF program are summarized. Carl Greningers’ northwest nuclear consortium is reviewed. The program gives high school students access to a fusion machine. They have won 410,000 dollars in college scholarships and international science fairs. General Fusion Inc. is introduced. Their idea is to compress plasma inside spinning liquid metal, using pistons. The merits of this, along with details of their prototype, are reviewed. The physics of one piston strike and a model of the pressure made are given. This was a boundary conditions for 2D and 3D CFD code. The post closes with a call for government leadership and funding of new fusion ideas.

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