Fusion Talk at CERN: MTF, Polywells, DPP, CFR, Ect...

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Fusion Talk at CERN: MTF, Polywells, DPP, CFR, Ect...

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On March 26th, 2015 at CERN, a presentation was given about alternative fusion. The presenter was a Swedish professor: Dr. Tomas Lindén of the Helsinki Institute of Physics. He also wrote a peer-reviewed paper going along with the talk. You can watch a full video of the talk here. Dr. Linden covers a variety of non-traditional fusion approaches.


Fusion research is currently to a large extent focused on tokamak (ITER) and inertial confinement (NIF) research. In addition to these large international or national efforts there are private companies performing fusion research using much smaller devices than ITER or NIF. The attempt to achieve fusion energy production through relatively small and compact devices compared to tokamaks decreases the costs and building time of the reactors and this has allowed some private companies to enter the field, like EMC2, General Fusion, Helion Energy, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics and Lockheed Martin. Some of these companies are trying to demonstrate net energy production within the next few years. If they are successful their next step is to attempt to commercialize their technology. In this presentation an overview of compact fusion reactor concepts is given.

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