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Lauching a fusion consulting business

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 1:58 pm
by mattman

I have converted into I have 10 years of articles on The Polywell Approach; I recommend some of the better articles for folks interested. New Light is a fusion consulting business for investors interested in fusion technology. When it comes to the polywell, I think the whole thing comes down to whether the Cusp Trap works or not. If the cusp trap (whiffle ball, etc) works well - the concept has legs. If not, its' sunk. Lockheed Martin probably knows and we need them to publish. Also Tanner Horne is well positioned to do research on this topic. I also think High Temperature Superconductors will have a big impact on all of this. If the polywell can now (very practically) reach 5 to 10 Teslas', continuously, then there is a strong case for this approach. We will see.



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PS. I did a 20 minute talk about fusion to a group in Pittsburgh; we recorded it and uploaded it. ...