Networking Forum Guidelines

Consider specific people in the fusion research community, business, or politics who should be made aware of polywell research, and how we might reach them.

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Networking Forum Guidelines

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Some people are uniquely positioned to advance polywell research, because of specific resources or knowledge available to them. Examples include:

• researchers in related fields
• "angel" investors or other business people who might provide funding or other support
• celebrities who could generate popular support

and so on. But most of these people have not even heard of polywell fusion, much less understand its importance. In this forum, we can discuss specific people whom we think may be important to advancing polywell research, and ways we might be able to reach them through personal contacts.

Please keep in mind that this is a public forum; it is very important to respect individual's privacy. Do not post personal details, including contact information, of anyone in this or any other public forum. Please think before you post!

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